Hardblends launches the most efficient formula for fat oxidation on the market, it has the most effective compounds for its mobilization and subsequent oxidation, in the concentrations in which they are really effective.

Its formula of 4 capsules per dose guarantees that the concentrations of its compounds are adequate, which allows access to the most complete burner on the market, which not only burns fat, but also increases the energy level, and decreases the appetite, crucial factor in a weight loss process.

Inflame is an ultra-concentrated thermogenic burner, which has the most efficient ingredients to lose fat. A hardcore formula that allows you to look streaky, boost your energy and suppress your appetite.

full pack

Full Pack is the all-in-1 formula designed to meet the basic nutritional needs of all high-performance athletes. Its formula is the most efficient on the market by providing all the necessary micronutrients for the athlete to maximize their performance and maintain optimal health.

Full pack not only covers the deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that the body of an athlete requires, but also has a cardiovascular care formula, joint protection, a matrix to improve physical performance, and the necessary digestive enzymes to improve fitness. macronutrient absorption

Full pack is the all-in-1 formula that every athlete should have in their supplementation stack.

-Matrix of vitamins and minerals

-Cardiovascular support and antioxidant complex.

-Joint support blend

-Dygestive enzyme and absortion matrix

-Superfood blend

-Performance matrix.

Testo Rush

Testo Rush is the most efficient formula on the market to increase your testosterone levels naturally, increasing gains in lean muscle mass, strength, endurance and recovery.

It also works perfect as a post cycle therapy (PCT) by increasing the endogenous secretion of testosterone, regulating the level of estrogens in the body, its formula with laxogenin allows to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis, strength, what in others words translates into a maintenance of muscle gains.

Testo rush is the most powerful formula on the market created to raise testosterone levels to another level, increasing gains in lean muscle mass, strength, recovery and endurance.